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Personal Emergency Response Services

  • Do you live alone?
  • Do you have safety or health concerns?
  • Do you care for a person with medical problems?
  • Do you want the security of knowing you can talk to someone at the touch of a button?





Call 24 Hours-a-day - 405-769-2551

Link to Life

Help when you need it.  Peace of mind when you don't.

We know that you value your independence.  Link to Life provides you with the safety and security you need to live in your own home.  Our service gives you the confidence of knowing that if you need help, you can get it,  24-hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week, at the touch of a button.

Why doctors recommend us


Link to Life helps prevent serious medical complications.

Studies show that receiving immediate medical attention after a fall reduces an older person's likelihood of hospitalization by 26% and death by over 82%.  At the touch of a button, Link to Life can facilitate rapid intervention and the best possible car

Or the help of a health professional...We'll get to know you before you ever need us

We tailor our service to you.

You tell us what you want done in the event of an emergency - who to contact to provide assistance, what medical information you want relayed to your healthcare providers, your hospital and doctor preferences, and who to notify about your situation and condition. Unsurpassed reliability when you need us, we'll be there.

Our equipment is built to the highest standards.  If your electricity fails, the battery provides up to 32 hours of service and recharges automatically when power is restored.  The Communicator and Help Button feature built-in self-testing and other reporting capabilities to enhance reliability.

Your independence is priceless Link to Life is affordable.

Peace of mind has never been more affordable.  For a modest monthly charge, Link to Life provides the safety and security you need as well as the freedom and independence you value.  We offer lease or purchase options and require no long-term commitments.

Call 24Hrs

Tel: 405.769.2551
Toll Free: 877.744.2551
9828 Northeast 23rd Street
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


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