Parkinson Foundation of Oklahoma

  • Featured Organization   •   2015

Ten years ago without knowing a single person with Parkinson’s, Jim Keating, founded the Parkinson’s Foundation of Oklahoma.  Crowded into his one-room office he knew that 15,000 people living in Oklahoma were diagnosed with Parkinson’s and these people needed an organization to support them and advocate for their needs.

After 10 years he has grown into a bigger office with several part-time workers, an intern, and a speech therapist.  Jim has mobilized an army of volunteers to assist those diagnosed with Parkinson’s to live as independent and productive lives as possible.  Jim has gone from not knowing a single person with Parkinson’s to developing over a dozen support groups throughout the state of Oklahoma.  Speaker’s with knowledge about Parkinson’s brings vital information to these support groups.

Along with a support group network, the Parkinson’s Foundation of Oklahoma has exercise programs that assist individuals in maintaining independence.  Also, because many Parkinson’s people struggle with swallowing issues the Parkinson’s Foundation helped send speech therapists for training to help address these issues.  Now weekly, those who have graduated from the “Speak Out” program can join the “Loud Crowd” as Parkinson’s participants learn lifelong exercises to maintain swallowing and speech abilities.

If you have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease check out all the services and information available at the Parkinson’s Foundation of Oklahoma.  And thank you to all the individuals who make this service possible.  If you wish to contact or volunteer for the Parkinson’s Foundation you can call them at 405-810-0695

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