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Medication Reminder Services Oklahoma City and Area

Managing medications properly is vital to your loved one’s health. Our caregivers can assist with opening medication containers, reading labels, and reminding the client of their scheduled medications. If you came to this page in search of medication reminders in Oklahoma City, we can help.

Help with taking your medications properly.

Remembering to take your medications at the right time and at the right dosage can be a challenge for anyone. As we age, it’s a lot easier to forget to take medications or the exact dosage or even time of day or if they should be taken before, after or with meals. In fact, seniors are at the highest risk of not taking medication properly. Missing medications can lead to negative drug interactions, dangerous withdrawal effects, side effects, illness, or even hospitalization. If you find yourself forgetting to take your medication or that your medication routines or instructions are becoming complicated, we can help.

Our caregivers can remind you when it is time to take your medications and help you follow the instructions provided by your physician. We can also assist with opening pill bottles and coordinate trips to the pharmacy to ensure you don’t run out of your medications.

Medication management is important for seniors dealing with medical conditions or ailments. Medication reminders or medication management is even more important for those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or dementia as many are prescribed several medications to deal with their diagnosis as well as to promote sleep, reduce anxiety, or improve their moods, making it difficult for them to remember which drug to take when to take it and what the correct dosage is.

My caregivers (Nikko & Zelma) are wonderful. They take very good care of me and always make sure I do what I am supposed to do. They care about me as a person – not as a client – and that is reflected every day when they are here.

Alma A.
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Medication Reminders Oklahoma City: FAQs

Browse some of our most frequently asked questions about medication reminders for seniors, if you cannot find an answer to any of your questions please contact us.

Can a caregiver administer medication to a client?2021-01-04T20:39:42+00:00

No, by law, only a licensed nurse can actually administer medications, however, we can provide reminders and help make sure that a client takes their medication at the right times and make sure that they are taken properly.

How can your medication reminders help me or my loved one?2021-01-07T20:29:10+00:00

At Care Plus Home Care we can ensure that you or your loved one takes their medication at the right time and in the right dosage. We can help the visually impaired read and understand medication instructions. We can also make sure they don’t take another family member’s medication by accident or take them in the wrong combinations.

We can also:

  • Pick up prescriptions from the pharmacy
  • Record the times at which medications are taken
  • Dispose of expired medications
  • Report medication non-compliance issues
What can happen if medications are not taken correctly?2021-01-04T20:58:28+00:00

It is not uncommon for seniors to get confused or simply forget to take their medication and this can put them at risk.

Common issues include:

  • Forgetting to take medications
  • Misunderstanding medication instructions or disregarding them altogether
  • Taking someone else’s medication
  • Failing to refill a prescription
  • Stop taking a prescription prematurely

Possible consequences of medication non-compliance

  • Dangerous withdrawal symptoms
  • Hospitalization
  • Worsening or progression of a medical condition or disease
  • Reduced capacities
  • Increased chance of falls and injuries
  • Increased healthcare costs

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