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 Personal Home Care Assistance
Oklahoma City

Our Certified Home Health Aides provide services to individuals who need help with day-to-day activities like dressing, bathing, exercise, transfers from wheelchair, or other assistance for those who have limited mobility. Home Care Assistance in Oklahoma City has never been made easier!

Working in sync with your regular routines and ensuring that support is tailored to your specific requirements, our fully trained care providers or support workers offer discreet and professional personal care in the way that’s most comfortable to you.

We believe in the importance of a continuous care with familiar faces, especially when it comes to personal care. Speak to us to find out more about how we can support you or a loved one.

Home care assistance or personal care is a broad term that refers to supporting an older or disabled adult with personal hygiene and toileting, along with dressing and maintaining your personal appearance.

Personal care for the elderly can cover, but is not limited to:

  • Bathing and showering, as well as bed-baths
  • Applying lotions and creams
  • Dressing and getting ready for bed
  • Oral hygiene
  • Applying make-up, and hair care
  • Help shaving
  • Foot care, especially if you are diabetic need to be extra vigilant with your feet
  • Helping you to the toilet, including using a commode or bedpan
  • Changing continence pads, along with cleaning intimate areas
  • Support with changing positions in bed, stretching and preventing bed sores

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Home Care Assistance & Personal Care Options In Oklahoma City & Area

In getting to know you as a person, your care plan will take into account your likes and dislikes, which hygiene or beauty products you prefer and want to use as well as what and who you feel most comfortable with. Specific tasks, such as cutting nails, shaving and diabetic foot care, will always be outlined in your support plan with specific instructions for your caregiver. We offer home care assistance in Oklahoma City that is geared to your specific needs!

Each caregiver is thoroughly trained to provide personal care in a way that is discreet and respectful of your personal boundaries. Their training has an emphasis on the importance of maintaining your dignity and independence at all times.

Even though caregivers are trained to provide all of the aspects of personal care, there may be some things you’d prefer to do for yourself. A good caregiver will always respect your space when you want it and encourage your independence wherever they can.

Like all forms of care, support with personal care is built completely around your individual needs and personal routines. If you like to wash before breakfast or have a bath before going to bed, our caregivers will happily respect your preferences, letting you live the way you want.

With personal home care, you have the choice of having a visiting caregiver – someone who visits at pre-set times of the day or even overnight to provide you or your loved ones the support you need. If you require ongoing support, we can offer round-the-clock care to provide 24 hour care.

Many of our care providers support with other tasks in addition to personal care. In fact, we can assist with medication reminders, help those with limited mobility to move safely around the home (especially using hoists and supports) and can prepare meals, complete household chores and even offer companionship services, ongoing support and encouragement.

Please get in touch with our team to find out more about what a caregiver can offer you. A Care Plus Home Care specialist can even visit you at home to discuss the options and arrange the precise type of support you’re looking for.

Sometimes personal care matters can be difficult for a close family member or friend to carry out, sometimes feeling awkward about a change in relationship or uncomfortable about completing the more intimate tasks.

In instances like these, it can be much easier for a trained carer who is accustomed to supporting with personal care to step in and help. Choosing someone that your loved one feels comfortable with – whether they are male, female, young or old – means that carer becomes a regular friendly face offering gentle encouragement, and even an extra source of support.

Please get in touch if you’d like to speak to one of our home care experts about personal care or any of the other types of support we have available.

Home care assistance for someone living with dementia or Alzheimer’s

It is common for someone who is living with dementia or Alzheimer’s to need personal home care support. This can be difficult at times, if that person is feeling anxious or confused about who people are and shame and embarrassment over more intimate activities such as bathing and dressing or help going to the bathroom.

We train our caregivers to be aware of any sources of anxiety or resulting aggression from someone who is living with any type of dementia. They offer gentle encouragement and support to help your loved one feel at ease. Sometimes it’s as simple as offering them some extra space, or just demonstrating a task for them.

Building trust is always essential, and a regular caregiver can build an ongoing relationship and rapport. That caregiver will encourage independence as much as possible, allowing your loved one to make choices themselves, such as what clothes they’d like to wear, and maintaining the daily routines that are most important to them.

Many of our customers are living with some form of dementia, which is why we provide dementia training to each of our caregivers. We have plenty of experience and are here to help with promoting your loved one’s independence and even provide advice or support to you or your family if you are struggling. For more in-depth information please consult our dementia care page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Browse some of our most frequently asked questions about home care assistance or personal care, if you cannot find an answer to any of your questions please contact us.

What is home care assistance or personal care?2020-12-22T17:35:03+00:00

Personal care is a broad term commonly used to define the range of services put in place to support an individual with personal hygiene and toileting, along with dressing and maintaining their personal appearance and daily routines.

What is the most important part of personal hygiene?2020-12-22T17:37:30+00:00

Washing your hands is one of, if not the most important personal hygiene practice especially since the outbreak of Covid-19. While there are many other important aspects of personal hygiene, by far the most important step you can take to prevent the spreading of germs is washing your hands to prevent colds or flus.

What is included with home care assistance?2020-12-22T17:36:25+00:00

Personal care can include but is not limited to; bathing and showering, including bed-baths, applying lotions and creams as required, dressing and getting ready for bed, oral hygiene, continence care, and much more.

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