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Bathroom Safety shower chairs
What can your shower chair do?  Shower chairs allow disabled individuals to sit comfortably while showering to avoid falls.  But not all shower chairs are built the same.  If you currently own a shower chair or are in the market for one remember these pointers.

1.  Hold your weight—shower benches/chairs are designed to hold different weights.  If you have a shower chair with plastic legs or is very old it may collapse under your weight.  When purchasing a shower chair make sure it matches your weight.
2. Ease of use—shower chairs come in various designs, a simple bench that sits in a tub or shower or transfer benches that allows you to slide over the tub.
3. Comfortable—shower chairs come padded or unpadded with various openings to allow easier cleaning.
4. Meets your disability needs—shower chairs have backs for sturdiness or handles if you need to push up to a standing position.
5. Height/Stability—shower chairs need rubber feet to protect shower services and to keep the chair from slipping.  Shower chairs also have adjustable legs to fit your height.
6. Cleaning/Usefulness—Check to see how easy the shower chair is to clean or move frequently if space is a problem.
Remember, lawn chairs will collapse under the constant exposure to water.  Stepping stools will slip and slide.  High quality shower chairs can cost anywhere from $70 to $200, cheaper than a broken hip or concussion.

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