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Kathy Cocks RN, BSN grew up with missionary parents in Southeast Asia. Upon graduating, she worked in intensive care for 3 years, dialysis for 1 year and the hospital nursery for 2 years. After moving around for her husband’s Air Force assignments, she re-entered the work force as a school nurse in 2007 staffing flu clinics and managing disabled school children’s medical care. She joined Care Plus Home Care in 2011 as the supervisory nurse where her duties include initiating start of care, training certified caregivers, and providing informative health talks to the elderly community. Kathy aims to passionately promote the wellbeing and livelihood of the elderly.


Kristi Brewer-Campbell grew up in Harrah, Oklahoma and is deeply rooted in the community of Eastern Oklahoma County.  In 1993, her and her mother Nancy Brewer opened Care Plus Home Care, a service for seniors who prefer to stay at home but need ongoing care.  Since then, Care Plus has helped over 700 local seniors maintain higher levels of dignity and respect, by providing in-home when they need it most.










jean_corvinJean Corvin grew up in Carnegie, OK and started taking care of her grandmother after school.  She enjoyed working with the elderly and after high school moved to Lawton, OK and started working in a nursing home.  She slowly migrated to home care and moved to Oklahoma City 20 years ago to take care of the elderly in their home.  Jean joined Care Plus Home Care four years ago.  She states "what she enjoys most about the elderly is hearing their stories, especially the ones of when they travelled by covered wagon to get to Oklahoma."  Jean is compassionate, very patient with all her client's especially those with dementia.  Thank you Jean for the wonderful job that you do to take care of the elderly in Oklahoma City.

1521911_10204506274711761_666138482427933192_nRecently Kathy Cocks, the supervisory nurse with Care Plus Home Care, met with Senator Standridge, the chair of Oklahoma Health and Human Services Committee to discuss how regulations in the state of Oklahoma affect the ability of disabled elderly adults to remain at home.  The following is the paper that was presented to the Senator.  Kathy plans on staying politically active to work on getting regulations updated to deal with the aging population.  Feel free to use any of these points to contact your local representative or contact Kathy for more information at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.:

DorcasDorcas was influenced by her mom twenty five years ago to become a certified nurse aide.  Dorcas received her certification in Arizona and began to work in nursing homes, residential homes and with hospice clients.  She transferred to working with disabled adults by assisting them to find jobs and coaching them to be successful in their jobs.  She moved to Oklahoma and continued her work with disabled adults in a supervisory role.  She continues her passion of working with disabled adults and working one on one with clients at Care Plus Home Care.  She states "I like the one-on-one personal care while providing my clients with respect and dignity and helping bring some normalcy to their lives."  Thank you Dorcas for doing such an amazing compassionate job.




skiin_changesOur skin is like an onion, with layers upon layers of cells.  Human skin is composed of 300 million skin cells and 45 miles of nerves.  The outer layer of skin is the epidermis which is composed of five layers of skin.  The bottom layer is constantly making new skin cells that push up to the top layer which is really dead skin cells.  Humans shed 600,000 particles of skin an hour which accounts for much of the dust in people's homes.  The second layer is the dermis, which has tough tissue, hair follicles, sweat glands and oil glands that helps give moisture to the skin.  The last layer stores fat, hair roots, some blood vessels and nerves.

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There’s your home and there’s a nursing home. Given the choice, Kathy Cocks, RN, BSN is pretty sure most people would chose the former over the latter.
That’s why the nurse at Care Plus Home Care pours so much time and attention into creating programs that will help seniors stay right at home.
A former school nurse, Cocks moved to Oklahoma with her husband and quickly found Care Plus Home Care and owner Kristi Brewer-Campbell a few years ago.
She quickly realized she had found the kind of job she always wanted.
Now responsible for overseeing more than 10,000 caregiver hours each month, Cocks makes sure those hours are staffed by dependable, quality caregivers who have the clients’ best interest at heart.
She has instituted more safety training for Care Plus caregivers knowing that helping clients not only feel safe but stay safe in their own homes is what companion care is all about.

darlenewhiteheadDarlene Whitehead, a certified home health aide, took care of her husband's sister and mother for about five years.  She had a couple of months without a job and her husband saw an ad in the newspaper for caregivers at a local home care agency.  Darlene applied and the rest is history.  She worked for 4 years at that agency and then moved to Care Plus Home Care for the past 2 years.  When asked why she chose caregiving she stated, "I like the fact that when I meet older people they have such interesting stories."    While being a caregiver, Darlene also recently completed her associate degree in human resources.  She continues to bring compassionate care to our Care Plus clients.  Thank you Darlene for the care you provide.


We all know we need water to live.  Most humans cannot go more than three days without water.  Feeling thirsty is a natural human phenomenon that we take for granted.  But older individuals do not sense thirst as quickly and tend to not drink enough water, which can result in dehydration. Consequently, attention to fluid status and vigilant hydration are essential for elderly health.

gratitudeThe statistics of the emotional and mental toll caregivers experience are well-documented.  Theoretically, the importance of caregivers attending to their own health is a salient fact. Yet many caregivers undergo physical problems, fatigue, isolation, financial difficulties and many other concerns that crowd into their lives.  Many have gone into survival mode.  And consequently, thankfulness seems far down on your to-do list, even though it has been proven to be beneficial for health.

minefieldEating should be an enjoyable affair.  But for an individual with Parkinson ’s disease (PD), trying to swallow with dysfunctional muscles presents a minefield of difficulties.

parkinson_foundationTen years ago without knowing a single person with Parkinson’s, Jim Keating, founded the Parkinson’s Foundation of Oklahoma.  Crowded into his one room office he knew that 15,000 people living in Oklahoma were diagnosed with Parkinson’s and these people needed an organization to support them and advocate for their needs.

park_manParkinson’s disease (PD) usually occurs after the age of 60 and occurs more often in men.  It affects over one million Americans.  The lack of a brain chemical called Dopamine turns many golden years rusty. 

handicap-bathtub-5As senior’s age their skin dries out and many of them bath less frequently, like twice a week.  Then, add in physical disability, the fear of falling and some mental decline the twice a week may turn in to never.  If a simple solution existed to get your loved one in the shower, it would have been invented by now.

eco_bindersAccording to the Family Caregiver Alliance an estimated seven million Americans assist with managing the care of an elderly relative or friend while living long distance.  Organization is key to providing this care while still maintaining one’s sanity and health.  Start by purchasing a three ring binder from your favorite retail outlet. Your binder needs to serve as a roadmap that you can access easily whenever a concern arises for your loved one. 

The Areawide Aging Agency has been helping Oklahoma’s seniors since 1973.   Oklahoma, Cleveland, Canadian, and Logan counties are served through AAA.  A total of 11 agencies throughout Oklahoma provide services for seniors in all 77 counties across the state. 

HOARDINGJack walked in the front door, baffled by the smell of old sweat and rotten banana mixed together.  His parents had always insisted on a tidy house, but now magazines littered the floor, the garbage overflowed with paper plates and the bananas were black.  It had only been six months since he had been home.  Dad shuffled towards him holding on to his walker, his clothes had stains on them, he could see a couple weeks of facial hair growth and the old sweat smell came from his dad.

One in three seniors will fall each year.  Due to failing eyesight, multiple medications and complex medical conditions seniors risk falling.  These falls can lead to permanent disability increasing strain on caregivers.  Today’s line of sturdy tennis shoes can provide much needed support.  Check your loved one’s shoes to see if they provide this support.

kimKim Brown is a dedicated caregiver that has worked for Care Plus Home Care for 10 years.  She consistently provides high quality care to her clients and is praised for her vast experience and attention to detail.  Kim, a mother a four, is a US veteran.  She states “I love the Lord and my goal in patient care is to love and care for each person with the love Christ has shown me.”  Thank you Kim for your faithful, compassionate care for 10 years.

After reading last week’s blog it is tempting not to read this one because they sound very similar—Home Care vs. Home Health Care.  But they perform very different and vital functions, many times working alongside each other.  Home Care provides non-medical care at a person’s residence—bathing, light housework, transportation, companionship, etc.  Home Health Care coordinates skilled medical needs for a homebound individual.

house_exterior_1John gazed longingly at the house he grew up in, flooded by the memories of the window he broke throwing a baseball and Mom grabbing up fresh snow to make molasses ice cream.  Dad died three years ago and mom sits in her chair, clutter piled around, and subsisting on saltine crackers.  How does he begin to talk to her about leaving her memories behind?

vondaCare Plus Home Care attracts high quality caregivers to meet all of your personal care needs.  This month we want to introduce you to Vonda.

Bathroom Safety shower chairs
What can your shower chair do?  Shower chairs allow disabled individuals to sit comfortably while showering to avoid falls.  But not all shower chairs are built the same.  If you currently own a shower chair or are in the market for one remember these pointers.

Last winter after a debilitating bout with pneumonia, my mom needed a walker.  My dad ran down to his local church and picked up a used rickety clanky walker.  In horror at this ancient contraption protecting my mom, I insisted they obtain a new stable walker.  As a nurse I knew the statistics: one in three adults over the age of 65 will fall each year and many of these falls cause major disabilities.  Choosing a suitable walker is only one part of ensuring safety.  For example, the bathroom poses a significant danger to the elderly population.  However, a variety of equipment is available to protect a loved one from a fall, but be careful using old or faulty equipment.

Five million Americans are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.  One in three seniors dies from it. Twenty-five million people manage diabetes and the complications associated with it.  Half a million people struggle with the debilitating effects of Parkinson’s.  Stroke is the leading cause of long-term disability. Daunting national statistics speak to the challenges of growing older. But your loved one--mother, father, spouse, or child--is not a number.  They have lived lives full of dreams, adventure and deep relationships.  And you are left with one of the most difficult jobs possible: being a full time caregiver. According to Tricia O’Brien, in her article on the stress of family caregiving, “providing care to someone you love—whether full-time, part-time, or long distance—takes a huge toll, both physically and emotionally.”  Therefore, Care Plus Home Care comes alongside you to provide resources to facilitate your caregiving task.

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