Aging in Place: Home Care Oklahoma City

  • Highlighted Service  •   2021

John gazed longingly at the house he grew up in, flooded by the memories of the window he broke throwing a baseball and Mom grabbing up fresh snow to make molasses ice cream. Dad died three years ago and mom sits in her chair, clutter piled around, and subsisting on saltine crackers. How does he begin to talk to her about leaving her memories behind?

Aging at home means assisting the elderly to remain in their residence of choice and to minimize the number of moves that one must make. Due to the booming aging population, resources exist so individuals can age comfortably in place, whether that is in their lifelong home, independent living, or assisted living. Home care services provide certified home health aides to assist people with personal care like bathing and dressing, medication reminders, meal preparation, sitters, transportation, and household chores. Care Plus Home Care provides a dedicated nursing staff to coordinate an individualized plan of care based on your specific needs and to send highly qualified caregivers that match those needs. Our caregivers are trained to provide activities for dementia clients’, work with clients who have had a stroke, assist a client who is on hospice and meet the many personal needs of our client with respect and dignity.

After talking to the Care Plus Home Care team, John feels comfortable about mom staying at home with her memories. The talk he now wants to have is about having a loving caregiver assist her several days a week. Maybe she can throw away some of her magazines and eat a hot healthy meal.

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