Looking for an alternative to a nursing home?

Home care services are your alternative to an Oklahoma City nursing home. We can help by providing care to your loved one in the comfort of their own home for up to 24 hours per day.

Even if you need just a small amount of assistance, Care Plus Home Care is the answer! We can also provide services to you with a minimum of only 4 hours.

During that time, we can provide services such as:

  • Companionship
  • Meal Preparation
  • Medication Reminders
  • Light Housekeeping
  • Laundry
  • Transportation and Errands

If you need a little more assistance, Care Plus Home Care can additionally provide you with Certified Home Health Aides. These caregivers are also trained and certified by the Oklahoma State Department of Health and can assist you with your personal care needs as well.

These carefully screened caregivers will be able to assist you with things such as:

  • Bathing and Dressing
  • Personal hygiene
  • Walking and Exercising
  • Getting in and out of bed
  • Toileting
  • Incontinence Care
  • Blood pressure monitoring
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Home Care Services

See some of our home care services offered in the Oklahoma City region such as:

Home Care Assistance Oklahoma City
Home Care Services Worker

Care Plus Home Care is very professional, caring and helpful to my father. At 92, he is continuing to live at home. Without their services, he would have to live in a nursing home. Thank you!!

Dale W.
Client’s son

Oklahoma Home Care Services FAQs

Browse some of our most frequently asked home care services questions, if you cannot find an answer to any of your questions please contact us.

What Are Home Care Services?2021-01-20T19:12:36+00:00

In general, home care services refer to health care or supportive care provided by a professional caregiver in an individual’s home where the patient or client is living, as opposed to care provided in an institutional setting or in group accommodations like clinics or nursing homes.

Homecare is also known as domiciliary care, social care, or in-home care.

It should also be noted that Home Care is a concept that is not necessarily based on the location of care. Additionally, Care Plus Home Care may provide many of our services to clients in nursing homes or hospitals or other long term or palliative care facilities. An example of such services could be companionship services in a nursing home to provide an extra level of care and comfort to both the patient and their families, ensuring that their loved one is getting the best possible care.

What is non-medical home care?2020-12-15T22:49:40+00:00

Non-medical home care is a form of long-term care that is provided to a client that does not directly involve the medical services of a doctor or a nurse. Home care services are meant to help provide support for many of the other physical and lifestyle needs that elderly adults face, from the comfort and safety of their very own homes.

There are many different levels of service and care that are available, all depending on the individual needs of the senior, as well as the preferences and needs of the family members currently in charge of care. Home care services can be as simple as providing companionship, giving older adults the social support they need to live an active and healthy lifestyle. For others, non-medical home care can provide help with day to day routines, like sitting, standing, or even getting around.

Non-medical home care services are flexible and adaptable to both you or your senior loved one’s needs on a daily, weekly, or even monthly basis.

Non-medical home care services can help a senior or housebound adult with:

  • Help with using the bathroom and bathing
  • Help with dressing and grooming
  • Help Walking, sitting, standing, and getting in and out of bed
  • Shopping, preparing and serving healthy, delicious, and nutritious meals
  • Doing the Laundry
  • Providing Light housekeeping services
  • Providing driving services to help run errands, attend appointments, or even enjoy social outings
  • Companionship Services; including playing games, sharing meals, doing art projects, or just sharing a pleasant conversation
What the advantages of home care in Oklahoma City?2021-01-20T19:35:00+00:00

In contrast to other types of long-term care, home care is more affordable and flexible and can be customized to closely suit your senior loved one’s needs.

Home care can empower older adults to age in place in the comfort and safety of home, rather than uprooting their lives in order to move into a nursing home or an assisted living facility.

It is also fairly simple to get help. At Care Plus Home Care, we can also provide a free in-home assessment of your loved one’s current situation, and in most cases, we can come up with a personalized care plan in just a few days. We are a fully licensed and insured company, and we make sure that each one of our caregivers goes through an extensive background check and training program before ever stepping foot into a client’s home.

Many studies have shown that most older adults would prefer to age in place and stay at home for as long as possible. Home care services are a great way to help your loved ones fulfill their wishes, in addition to still getting the practical support they need to be healthy, safe, and happy.

Home Care is convenient

Living at home unquestionably gives older adults the freedom to live on their own terms, rather than having to conform to a rigid institutional diet or schedule which includes wake-up times, meal times, and even bathing times. As a result, non-medical home care has been shown to promote a healthier and more independent lifestyle and even increase longevity. Home care can also enable seniors to stay socially connected to friends and family, which can help reduce depression and anxiety, boost overall health, and truly improve the overall quality of life for the elderly.

Non-medical home care comes with many advantages for family caregivers, as well. In fact, non-medical home care is sometimes called respite care because it gives family members the chance to enjoy some much-needed rest, on a schedule that works for them. Home care allows for easier communication and scheduling and can allow caregivers to reclaim their lives. Whether it’s full-time or only for a few hours a month, home care can give family caregivers the chance to recharge their batteries and increase the quality of time that is spent with their loved ones.


What do non medical caregivers do ?2021-01-20T19:14:19+00:00

We provide Non-medical Home Care Services in Oklahoma City such as :

  • Bathing and dressing
  • Companionship/socialization
  • Exercise
  • Grocery shopping
  • Laundry
  • Light housekeeping
  • Medication reminders
  • Meal planning and preparation
Will Home Care Be the Right Fit?2021-01-20T19:26:37+00:00

Research suggests that over 60% of those turning age 65 can expect to use some form of long-term care during their lives, yet surprisingly, fewer than 30 percent of adults have actually had a conversation about long-term care planning. Talking about health and longevity with your senior loved ones can be a difficult or awkward conversation to have, but it’s a necessary one.

While everyone experiences health and lifestyle changes with age, abilities diminish at different rates for different people. To determine if your loved one needs home care assistance, monitor their home environment, and ask yourself some of the following key questions such as:

As far as your loved one is concerned:

  • Are they losing weight or seem malnourished, due to increased difficulty in cooking meals or going grocery shopping?
  • Are they having problems with personal hygiene tasks, such as dressing or grooming?
  • Do they seem to be having problems trying to complete simple household chores, like cleaning, doing the laundry, or taking care of the lawn and garden?
  • Are they experiencing mood swings? Are there any notable changes in the way they behave, speak or think — such as confusion, halting speech, frequent anger, or restlessness?
  • Are they becoming more socially withdrawn or isolated? Do they seem lonely?
  • All of these are signs that it may be time to start exploring home care options with your elderly loved one.

In summary, we can say that home care is a wonderful solution for older adults who could benefit from regular companionship and assistance with their day-to-day activities.

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