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The name on the building says it all—A Life of Service.  This adult day care nestled in Choctaw, Oklahoma exemplifies the passion shared by Lisa Wilkerson, owner and director.  After losing her first business to the economic downturn, Lisa became a caregiver for a local company.

 640_a_life_of_service_signShe so enjoyed home care that when a building came available she jumped at the opportunity to open an adult day care center.  Walking into A Life of Service gives one a homey feeling right away.  One area is set up as a living room with a large screen television where the clients and caregivers are having some down time.  Move to another side of the building and a small gym is set up with a bike and exercise equipment.  Lisa makes sure every individual gets 30 minutes a day on the bike.  A circle of chairs provides time for group activities with weights and kickball.  A framed display of various puzzles decorates the wall, puzzles the clients have completed together.  Crafts that the clients finish will also be used to decorate the center depending on which holiday is being celebrated.  Three cats circulate the building cuddling up to whoever will pet them.

Adult Day Care whether with A Life of Service or another one allows residents to age in place with their loved ones, yet offers time for social, physical and mental activities during the day away from home.  This gives caregivers the ability to continue working or to have some respite time.

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9828 Northeast 23rd Street
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


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