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Pannie Chumley who is often called Penny by those who do not know her unique name,  brings a special charm to Care Plus Home Care. Pannie took care of her dementia mom and felt the call to bring her caring skills to the elderly community.  She came to work for Care Plus Home Care over 12 years ago as a sitter and became a certified nurse aide through Pam Street the nurse at Care Plus Home Care.  She worked for Home Instead as a marketer until her mom passed away and she took a leave of absence.

Kristi then hired Pannie as home care coordinator, recognizing her unique gift to care and empathize with people.  Pannie quickly filled this position with the diligence and hard work that comes to typify her quest for excellence.  In the last 8 years Pannie has been the voice that has answered the phone when the office is closed, fielding new inquiries and staffing when call offs happen.

Pannie's desk always has a comfortable chair for the caregivers, to talk about what is going on with their job or off the job.
Kristi Brewer-Campbell, owner and administrator for Care Plus Home Care states, "She can relate to any person and make them feel special."  Julie Sampson, scheduler explains, "She is always willing to help anyone."  Shaunda Sims, home care coordinator states, "I came in to fill her shoes, but they were just too big to fill."

Things you might not have known about Pannie
• She has made 3 medical mission trips to Africa, serving in Tanzania, Nigeria and Mozambique
• She cared for her own dementia mom for over 12 years
• She is officially retired though keeps coming back to work
• She lives part time in Dallas and part time in Oklahoma city
• She has 2 schnauzers and 10 cats.  She is a magnet for stray animals and pregnant cats.
• If you want a cat to adopt contact Pannie
• She was born and raised in Texas
• After twelve years of marketing she can navigate the streets of Oklahoma city without a GPS
• Pannie still retains a certified nurse aide license

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